$FRONT is now live on mainnet!. Stay safe.  Listing Details


Incentivizing Open Finance

Staking on Frontier Chain

Frontier Chain is a decentralized key management chain. $FRONT will secure the network. Users will be able to participate by running a validator node or delegating tokens to validators.

Gasless Transactions

$FRONT will subsidize gas fees on transactions made within the Frontier Suite of applications. Locking $FRONT in Frontier Vault will create eligibility for access to free and near-free transactions.

Frontier Incentivization Protocol

The suite of Frontier applications will contain a new incentivization layer in which users will gain eligibility for rewards in the form of $FRONT based on how much native app activity they perform.

Liquidity Provision

Frontier will use $FRONT to bootstrap liquidity for various decentralized protocols and platforms. Users will also be able to provide liquidity to pools using $FRONT and receive yield.


Frontier will create a model for $gFRONT, the governance token used to vote on Frontier Chain. Decisions around a suitable and fair model for decentralized governance will occur within the community of $FRONT holders.

NFT Acquisition & Creation

Frontier will allow content creators, blockchain companies, and other industry leaders to acquire and issue non-fungible tokens natively. $FRONT will be the preferred form of payment available for token issuance, transfer, and destruction.


Frontier will develop a referral system that incentivizes users to bring their friends into DeFi. Community campaigns will also involve distributing $FRONT to members who have demonstrated a strong desire to help improve our ecosystem.

Deflation via Integration

Frontier will require that a portion of proceeds from grant and fee-based B2B integrations be collected via $FRONT. The more integrations that we release, the stronger the value accrual for $FRONT.

More in Mind

We're currently designing a few other essential utilities for $FRONT.

  • Discounted CeFi Onramping
  • $FRONT Collateralized Borrowing
  • Social Gamification
  • Unifront API Access and Unlocks