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App Store - Test Flight
Play Store - Beta

*App is still in beta

Frontier V2 Open Beta

Frontier fam, After months of development and testing, we are excited to announce Frontier V2 open beta, available for the users to explore the V2 before the public launch.

Open beta is available for both Android and iOS users and can be accessed by doing the following:

For iOS

  1. Download Testflight from the App Store - TestFlight makes it easy to invite users to test your apps and App Clips and collect valuable feedback before releasing your apps on the App Store. Download ->
  2. After downloading testflight, click the invite link to get access to the Frontier V2 beta:

Note: Before installing the V2 beta. iOS users are advised to delete the V1 app and then install V2 beta for better experience.

For Android

  1. Go to the Frontier app page on play store(
  2. Scroll down the page and click on join beta
  3. Wait for few minutes till you get enrolled
  4. You will see a update for Frontier beta to download

Note: This is a beta software and you may encounter issues. Please join Frontier's discord community to stay updated with all things Frontier.