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Launch Party Win 100kin Crypto Prizes

Sweepstakes has come to an end! Thank you all for participating, we will be picking up the winners soon.

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What You Can Win

*Prizes sent to winners' Frontier wallet after the sweepstake is concluded

Winners will receive $5k in Crypto
Winners will receive 1k in Crypto
Winners will receive $500 in Crypto
Winners will receive $100 in Crypto
Winners will receive $49 in Crypto
Your Front Seat to Crypto & DeFi

Meet the new Frontier 🔥

We are incredibly excited to announce the public release of the much anticipated new Frontier app.

The New Frontier! Our vision is to remove all doubts anyone has about Crypto & DeFi through better design and superior user experience.

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FrontierFeature Sets

Here are the bare minimums you can expect as you lay your hands on the new Frontier app

Simplified onboarding for everyone

V2 user flow ensures complicated things like staking, and lending is straightforward for a newbie to get started with their Crypto and DeFi journey.

All Blockchains,
One App

V2 supports more than 4,000 crypto-assets across multiple chains. So whether you’re looking at managing your assets, staking or lending them for passive income.

Cash to Crypto
like ATM

Crypto & DeFi investing couldn’t be more simple with V2, like withdrawing cash from an ATM as we have integrated with MoonPay.

Commission-free trading

Frontier currently supports seamless trades between more than 4000+ assets for investors in Crypto & DeFi's multichain ecosystem.

Low Gas, More L2s, Much DeFi

What’s life without options? The same way it is for Crypto & DeFi. V2 is all about more choices for you as you go about your daily Crypto & DeFi transactions.

Make $$$
While you sleep

Earning up to 20 percent APR on your Crypto & DeFi assets gets easier with us. Using our App, average and Pro DeFi users can stake assets such as MATIC, BLZ, KAVA, BAND, ZIL etc.

Flex your NFTs

How about your pricey NFTs? Just house. We got you covered. You can house them in the Frontier app while you continue to explore the latest NFT staking, lending, or even trading them.

Track Assets.
Take Action. Quick!

Never be on the slow lane or risk getting liquidated because you couldn’t top up your crypto collateral assets, CDPs and any open positions on the move.

Link all Wallets via Wallet Connect

Beyond being the go-to App for anything Crypto & DeFi, Frontier also has a magical superpowers like also being a wallet aggregator.

Dark Mode
for Night Kings

Giving you more options in V2 also includes toggling app screens between light and dark modes. So whether you're staking, tracking, lending, or buying.