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Frontier Partners with Altonomy to Bring Institutional Grade Liquidity Management to $FRONT

Sep 7th, 2020

Up until recently, there has been a considerable liquidity gap between decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. While this has opened up exciting opportunities for savvy arbitrageurs, it hasn’t made the process of acquiring digital assets easier for average buyers and sellers. Traders have either enjoyed a DEX experience or a CEX experience, but rarely at the same time and certainly not under the same liquidity management conditions.

To address this, we have partnered with Altonomy, one of the world’s leading asset management firms specializing in cryptocurrency and digital assets. Altonomy bridges the liquidity gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges and has a dedicated sell-side trading desk to provide institutional-grade liquidity solutions and OTC trading under one roof. This is particularly important for Frontier and $FRONT, as our road to listing will begin first on a set of decentralized exchanges and then move into more centralized avenues.

The year 2020 has been exciting for DEX’s built on Ethereum, particularly AMM’s like Uniswap, Mooniswap, and Balancer. It has aggressively challenged the value proposition of a centralized-only approach to listings while at the same time compelled leading CEX’s to keep up with the changing tide shift. Altonomy recognized this early and now contains a robust suite of algorithms and strategies to connect to major DeFi platforms and over 100 centralized exchanges. In short, what this means for Frontier is that through Altonomy, we will have the capacity to deploy rapid liquidity management for $FRONT regardless of where we list the token.

Lawrence Cao, the co-founder of Altonomy, said, “Frontier’s unique market positioning as a cross-chain aggregation layer opens them up to a wide array of opportunities in the decentralized finance space and also now, along with our participation, broadens the reach into the centralized space as well. We are excited to partner with Frontier and see this relationship growing over time.”

It’s precisely due to this outlook on the market and our product that Frontier chose Altonomy as its primary liquidity manager. Not only does Altonomy understand what we are attempting to build, but they also fully support our efforts towards both DeFi and CeFi and have demonstrated a commitment to ensuring the sustainability of $FRONT on the market.

Smart contracts for $FRONT are currently undergoing final audits. Our preparations for a smooth listing are firming up. We will have more information about the specific timing of our token launch, public distribution, and other substantial Frontier product-side improvements during the coming days. We thank Altonomy for their guidance and support concerning $FRONT liquidity management and look forward to our continued cooperation.