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Frontier ($FRONT) Token Metrics and Distribution Insights

Aug 31st, 2020

Last week we announced the successful $1.85m close of our Seed, Private, and Early Supporter rounds. Since that time, there has been an overwhelming outpouring of support by community members, industry partners, and loyal users who consistently provide us with quality feedback to make our suite of applications better.

Tucked away on our token page is a link to a spreadsheet containing $FRONT's entire economic model, including a lot of useful information that we'll highlight below.

Key Insights

  1. Seed, Private, Early Supporter, and Public valuations are all at or under 8M USD fully diluted;
  2. The initial market cap of Seed, Private, Early Supporter, and Public combined is 600K USD at a base public price of $0.08;
  3. Community, Ecosystem, Marketing, and Reserves emissions at TGE are 308K USD and used to bootstrap DEX and CEX liquidity, onboard strategic ecosystem partners, and run community events like airdrops and other social activities;
  4. The team receives absolutely no tokens until 19 months after TGE, and after Seed, Private, Early Supporter, and Public participants have become fully liquid. We do not believe that our team should eat before our token purchasers enjoy potential upside from assisting our ecosystem.

We will release 11,350,000 $FRONT at TGE, which represents 11.35% of $FRONT's total supply and a total market cap of 908K USD. At Month 3 post-TGE, 22.80% of $FRONT will exist (assuming no deflation has occurred) at a market cap of 1.824M USD. At Month 6 post-TGE, 36.60% of $FRONT will exist (assuming no deflating has occurred) at a market cap of 2.928M USD. At full Seed, Private, Early Supporter, and Public Dilution in Month 18, 62.38% of $FRONT will exist (assuming no deflation has occurred) at a market cap of 4.99M USD.

Our Raise Ethos

First, it's essential to understand that the reason we chose a more strategic token raise versus a rapid-fire raise is that our roadmap will need help in areas where our token purchasers shine. Cross-chain integrations, future Frontier Chain research and development, NFT management, DeFi incentivization, and proper CeFi/DeFi cooperation require a level of network expansion and knowledge that our backers bring to the table.

Second, we raised such a relatively small amount of funds because, since the beginning of 2019, we have proven that teams can start lean and still build. There was also no justification for raising tens of millions of dollars just because that's where market sentiment is currently. 2017 saw projects pulling in excesses of 50m USD and many token purchasers destroyed. We prefer to go from small to big than the other way around. It's healthier for everyone involved.

Finally, we were deliberate in excluding Frontier equity-side holders from free tokens because we do not believe in "double-dipping." Either token recipients paid for their placements or would have to purchase them. The same goes for Advisors, which we do not have and typically receive free or heavily discounted tokens pre-market. Raises will never be entirely fair, but in this regard, we made sure that everyone who will obtain $FRONT had to either pay for it or, for example, Community, will earn it.

In short, we have done our best to consider $FRONT backers first before anyone else.

Public Distribution and Launch Timeline

Details about our plans concerning bootstrapping decentralized exchange liquidity are no mystery. We have partnered with Alameda Research to list on Serum DEX, and have made it clear that we are exploring liquidity additions into Uniswap, Mooniswap, and Balancer. How we go about distributing the remaining public portion of $FRONT will be covered in another announcement.

We understand that everyone is incredibly eager, supportive, and excited about the launch of $FRONT onto the market; however, we also want to ensure that we launch in a way that doesn't cause undue chaos. What we can say for now is that we anticipate $FRONT going to the market on or before September 11th, 2020. Until then, expect a few more important updates around both the token that we are launching and our suite of products that we continue to build.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram. Also, join our announcements channel if you haven't yet; it's where a lot of the juicy information is delivered.